Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chatterbabes?, which uses chatbot technology, combined with video clips, to provide "virtual girls" for erotic chat. In July 2014, we conducted a major update to the artificial intelligence to improve the virtual girls' responsiveness. The word "Chatterbabes" is a portmanteau of "chatterbot" and "babes."

How smart are the virtual girls? The girls use chatbot technology and are well-versed in erotic chat topics. Accordingly, girls can talk in exhaustive detail about sex topics - presumably that's why you're at the site. However, the girls have limited knowledge about other topics, and can't be expected to pass any type high level AI test of general intelligence, such as a "Turing Test." You will find that if you talk with them about non-sexual topics, they will try to bring it back to sex. (And what's wrong with that?) In fact, if you talk to the girls long enough about non-sexual topics, you will undoubtedly get some strange or ridiculous responses from them. That being said, while the girls aren't sophisticated all-around conversationalists, they are quite good at erotic chat. (Chatbot conversation techniques lend themselves quite well to dirty talk.) So while you might not fall in love, like Samantha and Theodore in the movie Her, you will find that the girls are responsive, playful, and sexy.

Will there ever be a male-version of Chatterbabes? (Chatterdudes? Chatterguys?) We sure hope so! We want to work out some of the bugs with Chatterbabes - but a male version is on our to-do list. On a related note, we created Chatterbabes to be lighthearted fun - it is not some larger statement about the societal role of women, men, robots, or artificial intelligence. With that in mind, enjoy chatting, and don't take the girls too seriously.

Can I chat on a mobile device? Chatterbabes use Adobe Flash. We know, we know - most iPhones, iPads, and Android devices don't support Adobe Flash, and thus Chatterbabes will not work as easily on these devices. We are currently working on an HTML5 alternative so that Chatterbabes will run easily on mobile devices, but that has taken longer and has been more complicated than we originally thought. Until then, there is an easy work-around - you can download a third-party broswer for your mobile device.

Will you ever give the girls voices? Since the girls are virtual, the only practical way to provide a voice would be to use a speech synthesizer or text-speech-program. Using such technology would make the speech sound canned, artificial, and off-putting. While synthesized speeh is revolutionary and provides practical everyday benefits to millions of people, especially those who suffer disabilities, it lacks an emotional component and just doesn't work well for applications like this. Even though applications like Siri or Cortana have pretty-good voices for general "virtual assistant" use, those voices sound kind of weird and creepy for sex chat.

Why do you use photos or video clips instead of computer-generated imagery (CGI)? The risk with CGI is that, if you can't get the girls to look 100% lifelike you will get the "uncanny valley" effect, and it can seem really creepy. We think that using photos or movie clips, with real actresses, provides a better experience. While other similar applications have used CGI, we just don't think that CGI is good enough, at this point, to avoid the uncanny valley. However, one side effect of the move clips is that there are cuts and breaks in continuity between the clips, rather than one continuous flowing video. But so what? Uou probably won't even notice this after chatting with the girls for a while.

Why are the virtual girls are not talking about what I want to talk about, or doing what I want them to do? The girls are eager to please, but they might not always talk about what you want to talk about. We have tried to make the girls as responsive as possible, but there is always room for improvement, and we welcome your suggestions. If one of the girls is not chatting about what you want to chat about, or is not working correctly, please contact us at

What's in the Members Area, and how much it it? Compared to the free chat, the girls are completely nude, and talk even dirtier in the Members Area. Membership to Chatterbabes is only $9.95/month, and gives you unlimited access to all of the girls of the site. Each of the girls gets competely nude and talks even dirtier in the Members Area. There are no additional hidden charges for membership. $9.95 is a great deal. That's less than the cost of ONE new DVD. That's the cost of a few beers. However, look at it this way. When you talk to a girl on a webcam for "private" chat or call a 1-900 phone line, its costs anywhere from $2 to $6 per minute. Even at $3 a minute, the price of membership to Chatterbabes would be the equivalent of only about 3 minutes of webcam chat per month. Even most adult paysites cost $20 to $35 per month. Why $9.95 per month? Because that's what stuff costs on the internet.

I'm concerned about my privacy. How can you protect me? Please read our privacy statement. In short, other than google analytics (a tool a significant percentage of websites use), which we use to measure traffic patterns, we collect very limited personal information about you. Any personal information that you provide, in accordance with purchasing a membership to, is collected through, our third-party payment processor. The only information that CCBill provides us regarding your membership is the the username and password you have chosen - and we will never sell, rent, or give away this information. Furthermore, all messages sent to any "virtual girls" on the chatterbabes site are processed using a browser-side application, and no message that you send to them will ever be recorded and/or stored by us.

How will I be billed? A discreet charge will appear on Your account statement. We process our fees through CCBill, a leader in the credit card processing industry that takes privacy and security very seriously.

How do I cancel my membership? We are sorry to see you go. However, you can cancel your membership through CCBill,our billing agent. There are three ways to cancel: (1) You can visit the ccbill customer support area located at (2) You can call CCbill toll-free in the U.S. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-888-596-9279 and they will be happy to assist you. Please understand that the brunt of CCBill's business is adult websites, so you should feel no embarrassment when talking to them. (3) Last, you can email CCBill at

How often do you update? We plan to add new girls and update the chat programming periodically.

If you have any suggestions on the types of models you would like to see, or the topics that you want the girls to talk about, we would like to hear them. Please give us your suggestions at


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